Home Workouts – Tempo Work


We are going to slow down today and work on some tempo strength/skill.

Why do we use tempo? It is a fantastic way to challenge your skill and technique during an exercise. You can hide a bunch of faults when you move fast but will get Mutombo’d if you have faults and are moving slowly. It is easy to see those compensations and because we can see and feel them, we can fix them.

You have 2 pieces today…

  • 0:00-7:00
    • Every :30
      • A1: 1 Press
      • A2: 1 Deadlift
      • A3: 1 Squat

*regular tempo

**If you have a relatively heavy odd object (rock, log, child’s tricycle), that would be amazing!!!


  • 8-10 rounds
    • 5 DL
    • 5 Presses
    • 5 Squats

*3131 Tempo (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up)

How perfect can you move when you are forced to slow down? Let’s find out…

Home Workouts – Core + Thrusters & DU


A little 🔥 today. Core work to start and a 🌶 metcon to follow.

  • Core – 3 rounds
    • 30 Flutter kicks
    • 30 Russian twists
  • Metcon – 4 rounds
    • 20 Thrusters
    • 40 DU

Point of performance today – maintain technique under speed

Because the thrusters will be light, you may go so fast that your squat pattern begins to break down. This is a valuable time for you to be aware of this breakdown and be able to fix it within a metcon.

It is much easier to feel the deviations in form when we move slow. Once we speed up, it becomes much more difficult. The best movers can feel those small deviations under speed, load, cardio demand, etc. and can improve intraworkout.

Be aware and have fun!

Home Workouts – 400m Repeats

A little running today!

  • 4-6 rounds
    • 400m run
    • 1 minute walk

Keep moving on your rest periods. If you stop, you will want to not run again (I may or may not be telling you what I would be thinking).

Home Workouts – “Brenton”

Good day friends! We have a Hero WOD today – “Brenton”

  • 5 Rounds
    • 100 ft. bear crawl
    • 100 ft. standing broad jump
      • EVERY 5 broad jumps, perform 3 Burpees

Be aware of your foot position when you land in the burpee and broad jump. Also focus on getting full hip extension for every broad jump. These are transferable skills that will absolutely make you better at other exercises! See the video for more detailed points of performance.

Have fun today. Check you tomorrow, gang!

For more information about Brenton, see the link below.


Home Workouts – Death By

It is a grind mindset type of day!

The WOD is:

  • Death by Double Unders
    • Min 1 = 3 DU
    • Min 2= 6 DU
    • Min 3 = 9 DU
    • So on until you cannot complete the number of reps in that minute

Rest 5 minutes

  • Death by Thrusters
    • Min 1 = 1 Thruster
    • Min 2 = 2 Thrusters
    • Min 3 = 3 Thrusters
    • So on until you cannot complete the number of reps in that minute

🧠 You will likely want to stop before you physically need to stop. Your goal should be to override the desire to stop and keep going. Today is a great way to develop an antifragile mindset. 🧠

Home Workouts – GMB Fitness

Happy Monday folks!

Today we have some body weight training – a 20 minute conditioning piece from GMB Fitness that involves some movement flow. It is a different type of training – great for rainy days, if you have no equipment, or just want to train without the typical grind.

Follow along with the YouTube video!

GMB Fitness

Home Workouts – Running, DB Burpees, DU

Good day folks!

We had loaded movements yesterday so we are going to focus mostly on body weight movements today.

3 Rounds:

  • 400m run
  • 15 DB Burpees
  • 50 DU

Point of performance today – Keep your lower back flat when standing up in the burpee. If your back is rounded, it might be an indication of hip flexion ROM issues. Pay attention to your lower back today…ESPECIALLY once you are fatigued (let’s me be frank – running, burpees, and DU…I am ALREADY fatigued).