Home Workouts – Windmills, KBS, Pushups

Good day fam! We are going to work on some Kettlebell skills today.


Kettlebell Windmills (any variation)

  1. 4X3 per side


6-8 Rounds

  1. 8 Hand Release Pushups
  2. 12 Russian Kettlebell Swings

*Focal points:

  1. Windmills – Keep KB stacked on top of the shoulder that is overhead
  2. Pushups – Shoulders, hips, and knees rise as one unit
  3. KBS – Maintain hinge rather than squatting the swing

“The swing is a hinge, not a squat.”

Pavel, StrongFirst


3X8 Single Leg Glute Bridges per side

Home Workouts

8-10 Rounds:

  1. Move the Mountain (odd object)
  2. 10 Lunges
  3. Move the Mountain
  4. 5 Pushups

Daily Challenge:

Accumulate 10 minutes in the bottom of the squat. You can execute this however you choose.

10 minutes at a time

10, 1 minute sets

2, 5 minute sets

Any way you choose…but spend some time in the end range of the squat. Don’t worry about your back, it can round. No biggie. Also…pics or it didn’t happen! #10minutesquattest