Home Workouts – Candlesticks and KBS

10 Rounds: 3 candlesticks (https://youtu.be/WXoNNx-uOtU)RX+=Candlestick to single leg, RX=Candlestick to double leg12 Russian KBSIf you don't have a KB, find an object around the house (i.e. a jug of water, can of paint, your child, etc.) Skill = 5X6 Hollow arch rolls https://youtu.be/W6VUh9ig4ZU Hollow Arch Rolls - PowerMonkeyFitness 3 Rounds for time: 400m run50 Air … Continue reading Home Workouts – Candlesticks and KBS


Whitebelt CrossFit - CrossFitWarm-upA: Metcon (Weight)4 RFT Partner A (Partner B) 250m row (FR hold 135/95) Then… 6:00 to find a 1RM Heavy SQUAT clean *1 Round = BOTH partners completing row/FR hold **FR hold can be taken from rack ***Score is COMBINED clean weightCool Down20 Deep breaths in Child’s pose


Whitebelt CrossFit - CrossFitWarm-upA: Metcon (Weight)3 Sets for Quality ME(-2) Ring pullups *Strict Pullups with chinup grip 6-8 Filly curl to press *Hold KB in FR while curl and press a DB ME (-2) Dynamic KB rows *In bent over position, pull KB up and catch with other hand *Score is Filly curl weightB: Metcon … Continue reading 3220