The #800gChallenge was designed by OptimizeMe Nutrition. Eat 800 grams (g) of fruits and/or vegetables, by weight, per day. 

No foods are eliminated, but only fruits and veggies count toward the 800g. Eat the fruits and veggies of your choice. Hit the macros you want.

Raw, cooked, canned, frozen; doesn’t matter!  If you can weigh it as a standalone and unprocessed fruit or vegetable, you can count it. Yep, that’s it! Here’s a one-sheet with all the rules.

So why 800g? It’s associated with increased health and is a simplified way to hit those recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Read more here.


May 17th – June 13th


You can register


We will host a zoom meeting Be sure to be there!




We will be using Wodify Rise to log scores and leaderboard throughout the challenge. More info on scoring can be found here.


To be determined by number of participants.

Why the CrossFit Open is important

The CrossFit Open is coming. If you do not know what that is, a brief description…

The CrossFit Games is an annual competition where elite individuals/teams compete for the title of “fittest on Earth.” There are several stages to this competition, the first being The CrossFit Open. One workout per week is programmed and boxes around the world perform them for 3 consecutive weeks. Full disclosure…I have been doing CrossFit for almost 8 years and the 2013 Open is STILL the coolest experience I have had in CrossFit. The workout was an AMRAP for 17 minutes with burpees and snatches. As the workout progressed, the weight for the snatches increased. I had never snatched 135 pounds (please…don’t judge) before that workout. That night, I did a total of 20 repetitions at that weight. Our box was so great – loud, encouraging, full of excitement. 

 The Open has lost some of its luster in recent years and I am hopeful that we can restore the experience for future CrossFit athletes. The following is why I believe the CrossFit Open is important and why you should commit to signing up.


It is a competition, there is no getting around it. Once you get into a competitive mindset, you have a chance for some self-discovery. You see if you have become better, fitter, more skilled, etc. You often see breakthroughs in the Open that you do not expect, all while your box-mates are screaming and cheering you on. This spurs more self-confidence, which leads to more discoveries. It is a cool moment.


I will keep the first point under this section brief. The workouts are tough.

However, there is more to it than this.

During regular workouts throughout the year, there are movements that some folks cannot do, are not proficient at, struggle with, or otherwise hate doing. When this happens, coaches have many options to scale the movements so athletes can train despite these holes. During the Open, there is a scaled division. However, there is a limit on how far an athlete can modify. You are forced to do what you normally would avoid. There is magic here. Because athletes must get uncomfortable, we see progress in fitness that is unexpected. You successfully lift weights you have not lifted before; you are able to perform your first real gymnastics exercise, or you execute some skill you have never done. These breakthroughs are so cool to see year after year. 

There are times, however, that you struggle with those movements. Ones that you have not practiced or spent time working. When you fail (that word gets a bad rap – it can be a good thing), you now know what you need to focus on. You can move forward and get better. You learn new skills because you were forced to fail.


If you sign up for the Open, you cannot dodge the workouts. You must show up and perform, despite how you feel. Didn’t sleep well? Do the Open WOD. Sinus issues? Do the Open WOD. The reasons do not matter. You do the work. During the year, you may skip a workout that has movements that you do not like. You may take a rest day because your toddler kept you up the night before. During the Open, that “dog don’t hunt.” You must do it. If it was a training session listen to your body. Take the rest days. Recover. Not in the open. It is different. It is a COMPETITION. Being forced to show up and perform is important. It is a transferable ability.


The energy in a CrossFit class is intense. The workouts themselves, the music, the equipment – it adds up to powerful energy. A regular class pales in comparison to the energy of a CrossFit Open workout. Your friends and box-mates are cheering, screaming, urging you to keep grinding away. In my opinion, it is the best experience that I have ever had in a CrossFit workout. We routinely discuss the community appeal of a CrossFit box; that community is exponentially higher during the Open. It is a feeling you do not forget. By itself, it is worth signing up for the CrossFit Open.

Others might be able to give you another half-dozen reasons why you should sign up for the CrossFit Open. Talk with those who have done it before. But I urge you to have some skin in the game. Show up and do the work. I promise, it is worth it.

The first of three workouts will be announced on March 11th and the first Friday Night Lights will be March 12th. Get some!!!

Home Workouts – Tempo Work


We are going to slow down today and work on some tempo strength/skill.

Why do we use tempo? It is a fantastic way to challenge your skill and technique during an exercise. You can hide a bunch of faults when you move fast but will get Mutombo’d if you have faults and are moving slowly. It is easy to see those compensations and because we can see and feel them, we can fix them.

You have 2 pieces today…

  • 0:00-7:00
    • Every :30
      • A1: 1 Press
      • A2: 1 Deadlift
      • A3: 1 Squat

*regular tempo

**If you have a relatively heavy odd object (rock, log, child’s tricycle), that would be amazing!!!


  • 8-10 rounds
    • 5 DL
    • 5 Presses
    • 5 Squats

*3131 Tempo (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up)

How perfect can you move when you are forced to slow down? Let’s find out…

Home Workouts – Core + Thrusters & DU


A little 🔥 today. Core work to start and a 🌶 metcon to follow.

  • Core – 3 rounds
    • 30 Flutter kicks
    • 30 Russian twists
  • Metcon – 4 rounds
    • 20 Thrusters
    • 40 DU

Point of performance today – maintain technique under speed

Because the thrusters will be light, you may go so fast that your squat pattern begins to break down. This is a valuable time for you to be aware of this breakdown and be able to fix it within a metcon.

It is much easier to feel the deviations in form when we move slow. Once we speed up, it becomes much more difficult. The best movers can feel those small deviations under speed, load, cardio demand, etc. and can improve intraworkout.

Be aware and have fun!

Home Workouts – 400m Repeats

A little running today!

  • 4-6 rounds
    • 400m run
    • 1 minute walk

Keep moving on your rest periods. If you stop, you will want to not run again (I may or may not be telling you what I would be thinking).

Home Workouts – “Brenton”

Good day friends! We have a Hero WOD today – “Brenton”

  • 5 Rounds
    • 100 ft. bear crawl
    • 100 ft. standing broad jump
      • EVERY 5 broad jumps, perform 3 Burpees

Be aware of your foot position when you land in the burpee and broad jump. Also focus on getting full hip extension for every broad jump. These are transferable skills that will absolutely make you better at other exercises! See the video for more detailed points of performance.

Have fun today. Check you tomorrow, gang!

For more information about Brenton, see the link below.

Home Workouts – Death By

It is a grind mindset type of day!

The WOD is:

  • Death by Double Unders
    • Min 1 = 3 DU
    • Min 2= 6 DU
    • Min 3 = 9 DU
    • So on until you cannot complete the number of reps in that minute

Rest 5 minutes

  • Death by Thrusters
    • Min 1 = 1 Thruster
    • Min 2 = 2 Thrusters
    • Min 3 = 3 Thrusters
    • So on until you cannot complete the number of reps in that minute

🧠 You will likely want to stop before you physically need to stop. Your goal should be to override the desire to stop and keep going. Today is a great way to develop an antifragile mindset. 🧠

Home Workouts – GMB Fitness

Happy Monday folks!

Today we have some body weight training – a 20 minute conditioning piece from GMB Fitness that involves some movement flow. It is a different type of training – great for rainy days, if you have no equipment, or just want to train without the typical grind.

Follow along with the YouTube video!

GMB Fitness